American 24 years old looking for yeti

41-year-old Misty Allabo from the American city of Columbia Falls in
the state of Montana for nearly a quarter century, looking for a snowy
a man whom I met once in my youth.

Amazing meeting with the Yeti

In October 1993, when our heroine was 17 years old, she
returned from the forest with her parents after the hunt. Unexpectedly family
saw among the trees a tall humanoid creature covered
thick dark coat.

According to Misty, her father worked all his life in the woods and
repeatedly encountered there phenomena that were impossible
explain rationally. So that time, the head of the family realized that
something appeared in front of him and his family that they could not explain
even the most reputable scientists of the planet. The man whispered to his wife and
daughters that they need as quietly as possible to leave. Like, if not
touch this creature, it will not attack you first.

Allabo then immediately realized that before her was the most
real snow man. Legendary relic hominid stood on
hillock, and behind him the sunset was burning. Rays of the setting sun
illuminated the shaggy hair of the cryptide with orange light, slowly
waving in the wind. This picture is strongly bumped into our memory
heroine, and after a while the girl suddenly realized that
wishes to devote his life to the search for these mysterious sasquoche.

The search for Bigfoot

Now, 24 years after that fateful meeting with the Yeti,
Misty can safely say that she has become a true professional in
her chosen area. No, the American still hasn’t caught
Bigfoot (otherwise it would become, of course, the world
sensation), but over the years she has thoroughly studied
Bigfoot behavior and even saw them from afar several times. Besides
Moreover, a woman with all her heart in love with yeti, claims that
will never captivate a snowman, even if she has
there will be a real opportunity to do this.

In a couple of days a big one will take place in Canadian Hamilton.
conference of the snowman. She will pass here already
second year in a row. Thousands gathered here last September.
cryptozoologists and bigfoot hunters from all over the world. These
specialists will be sharing with each other for two days
valuable experience, and Allabo will definitely be among them. A woman
I have something to tell my colleagues and friends of passion.

In the collection of the researcher there are shreds of snow wool
people, traces of their blood, as well as samples of urine and litter. Misty
carefully checks if these samples could not be left
bears or other large animals. Woman traveled in
searching for the Yeti United States and Canada, from the state of New Mexico to
Nunavut province. Allabo also wrote two books about sasquochas, in
which told readers all the secrets of its unusual

The American below is particularly proud.
The photo was taken by her on January 16, 2014 in the forests in the west
Montana The image shows a huge imprint of someone’s paws.
on the snow. Our heroine determined that this trace belongs exactly

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