American and Canadian diplomats underwentin Cuba mysterious sound violence

At first it began with American diplomats who, with
last fall began to be exposed in Havana to some incomprehensible
a sound attack, and she eventually led to ten
the diplomatic corps and their families were forced to leave Cuba and
receive treatment in the United States.

Two of the diplomats suffered serious health damage in the form
hearing loss, why return to Cuba could not.
A spokesman for the US Department of State, Heather Nauert, said
that the embassy of the united states neither looking at this mysterious
attack on American diplomats, functioning in normal

However, since June of this year, a similar auditory attack has been
Canadian diplomats were also subjected. As they and their members stated
families, it was or ultrasound, which does not catch the human
ear, or something like a rattle of metal. Anyway, such
sonic attacks, the source of which was never identified, caused
People have nausea, headaches, partial hearing loss. And
fantastic violence could overtake diplomats anywhere, even
outside the embassy, ​​and at any time of the day, especially it was
painfully at night.

The Cuban government could not give either the United States or Canada
intelligible explanations about this, this summer
even allowed members of the Canadian police and the FBI to investigate this
an incident on its territory increased security in both
residence, but so far all the measures taken have not given any

Investigators in the United States and Canada are trying to figure out who is behind these
serious attacks, suspecting China, Russia, North Korea, Iran
and Venezuela. The degree of involvement of Cuba in this matter also remains
a mystery.

Maybe it’s aliens, suggested some users
The internet? It would not hurt to use such a “toy” in Moscow
against the Pindos, others said. It is not clear just what Canadians
prevented the Cubans, some were surprised? ..

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