American astronaut Buzz Aldrin admittedthat people have not been to the moon

The Internet is gaining popularity potentially sensational
the video on which is now the 88-year-old American aviation engineer and
the astronaut Buzz Aldrin, allegedly being the second one to set foot on the moon
man reveals to the world public the truth about the moon
conspiracy According to the version he voiced, NASA’s Apollo mission to disembark
star navigators on Earth’s natural satellite are large
a hoax, as always conspiracy theorists.

The video presented below was received in 2015, however
unexpectedly caught the eye of conspiracy theories only
now. This is not surprising, since, at first
look, the material is unremarkable. It happened on
National Book Festival in Washington. Record demonstrates
Aldrin, who communicates with an 8-year-old girl who assigns a pensioner
various questions about space and astronautics.

The child asks: Why has nobody been so long gone
The moon?

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