American billionaire seeking toimmortality, paid to be killed

32-year-old American entrepreneur and specialist in the field
high tech Sam Altman paid 10 thousand dollars for
so that scientists kill the body and extract its brain. The fact is that
unusual startup “Nectome” promises to keep the brains of its customers,
to later download them to supercomputers. In this way,
consciousness of Altman and other volunteers will be able in theory
exist indefinitely. Of course, no one is planning
kill the billionaire, however in the foreseeable future he really
ready to say goodbye to his mortal shell to reach
digital immortality of reason.

Representatives of the company “Nectome” report that their method is 100%
fatal, but there are chances that the human brain will be digitized and
loaded into a powerful computer. When technology is reached
It’s hard to say of this level, but Sam himself is convinced that
will happen during his lifetime. This approach resembles cryogenic
freezing when the human brain cools down to extremely low
temperatures in the hope that someday advanced technology
allow him to be brought back to life and transplanted into a donor’s body.
Altman wants his mind to be placed in a peculiar
�“Digital cloud” where it can grow exponentially.

New “fashion” in search of immortality?

American wealth is not the only one who wants this
immortality. 24 other individuals also paid scientists
a tidy sum for this service. Supposed to head
each of these “lucky ones” will be opened while they are still alive, and
their brains will be extracted, then connected to a complex electronic
the system. While it is – pure fiction, but the staff of “Nectome”
assure their customers that relatively soon such technologies
will become a reality. The startup has already received federal funding
that is, real money was allocated for such a dubious undertaking
American taxpayers. And some naive philistines and
even politicians claim that in the West, officials are not
�”Cut” the budget …

One way or another, experts from Nectome, who received from the authorities
impressive grant, already dealt with the ethical side of this
a question. The fact is that в 5 американских штатах легален суицид с
medical care, and it is under this sauce will be presented
hypothetical procedure for transplanting consciousness into a computer.
The company is assisted by eminent neuroscientist and bio-engineer Edward Boyden,
who managed to keep the pig’s brain so good that in it
under a powerful microscope, each neuron and synapse can be examined.
Boyden is sure that the central part of the human nervous system also
can be saved until better times (at least) when
technological innovations will give a prisoner in it
Mind digital immortality.

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