American caught in the car radio signalaliens

User of the famous social news resource “Reddit”
under the pseudonym dustbusterkeaton uploaded a mysterious video to the site,
filmed by him a week ago in his own car. According to the author
publications, this happened around the American city
Peabody close to Boston. American assumes radio in
his car accidentally caught the signal of representatives of extraterrestrial

By turning on the video shown below, you can hear these
mysterious sounds. They really look like an ominous message,
which could have come to Earth from another planet or at least
flew, say, from the moon. However, it could be something else.
So, some commentators have suggested that it is
about some kind of experimental electronic music that got into
radio broadcast. According to other users, this was the usual clutter.
Here is what dustbusterkeaton himself writes:

Last Wednesday I clicked radio channels on my car’s speed,
when driving on the road near Peabody, Massachusetts, straight to
north of Boston. And stumbled upon this station. These
strange sounds were heard from my speakers for about 3-4 minutes, then
ordinary music played. Can anyone tell me what it was
is it? I constantly listen to music in the car, but never heard
before anything like that. I have to admit that I then became
a little uneasy in the car. My head immediately thought that
the “flying saucer” is chasing me, and the aliens are about to lift me
to myself to conduct terrible experiences over me. Ha! Imagine
yourself in my place! Or maybe my fears were not even groundless?
After all, I was not afraid of interference on the radio, perhaps, in fact
something was happening and I just felt it …

It should be noted that such “deep cosmic” sounds
periodically heard from radio in many parts of the earth. The specialists
They say that for ordinary radio interference such sounds are not at all
similar, but to establish their exact nature is very difficult.
Some ufologists and conspiracy therapists suggest that this
действительно сигналы aliens, при этом сильные мира сего
carefully hide such information and do not rush to tell
public, what are these messages from other worlds, what is in them
coded and what it says. Perhaps something frightening, not
too encouraging for the human race …

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