American city recognized the Bigfoottheir official animals

A small American town Whitehall in the state of New York the other day
признал снежного человека their official animals.

Since 1976, in the vicinity of this village, according to
according to numerous eyewitnesses, appears tall and shaggy
humanoid cryptide. He quickly became peculiar
Whitehall talisman character. Residents of the town are not afraid
mysterious bigfoot, and even consider him a kind of patron and
protector from many evils.

Today in Whitehall you can find several statues with the image
Yeti There are annual car races and a festival dedicated to
mysterious monster. In addition, the last Saturday of every September
townspeople celebrate Bigfoot Day. So, this is a formal
recognition was only a matter of time, actually yeti for
residents of this American town has long been symbolic
animals that are worshiped and loved here, and even in some kind of
degrees worship him …

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