American claims to have found a photoalien

One of the users of “Reddit” posted in the section of the site,
dedicated to extraterrestrial civilizations, a very intriguing shot. By
According to the author of the publication, he found this photo a few days ago,
visiting the farmers market in Reston, Virginia.

Mysterious frame shows a kind of humanoid creature
similar to the humanoid Atacama. Who made such an unusual find
an American is convinced that someone dropped an old photo card with
изображением загадочного alien.

On the reverse side of the photo were a small incomprehensible
symbol and inscription in English. By всей видимости, в тексте
indicated that the picture was taken in 1973 in the virgin community
Sterling Park. In addition, there is a mysterious code
the phrase “fallen angel 90”. Regulars “Reddit” concluded
what is the name an unknown photographer gave either the most “green
man “or his aircraft, the victim on Earth

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