American filmed a UFO, after which he believed inaliens

American Ryan Vener living in the Trout Lake State
Washington, went a few days ago for a walk in his
ranch to take pictures of nature on the smartphone. There he, besides everything
I made one panoramic video. Ryan notes that not
noticed something suspicious while shooting and did not even hear
any beyond the usual sounds.

However, returning home and looking at
day materials, the man was surprised to find on the above
a mysterious black object that flew right above the ranch
and turning left near a small group of trees. By its
UFO-shaped like a classic “flying saucer.” Venus sent
This is an interesting video for representatives of the ufological community.
to Black ”by writing to them:

It was about 9 am, at that time I often walk and take pictures
neighborhood. I did not even suspect that someday I will succeed
capture the UFO video. Just do not say that this is a bird,
insect or drone. See how it flies. It is large
A rounded object that moves at high speed. Drones or
birds don’t fly so fast. It’s also not noticeable on the record.
This unit had wings or a propeller.

The American also wrote that he would like to understand something. Above
The United States often flies all sorts of UFOs, though nobody knows for sure that
это такое — секретные аппараты военных или корабли aliens.
Most notably, he was always skeptical of the topic.
aliens, however, when confronted with this himself, for some reason, suddenly
believed in them. Может, aliensе как-то воздействуют на сознание
people who somehow contact with them? For example, even as
Ryan filming them on video. Even if by chance …

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