American filmed bigfoot in the winter forest

A resident of West Virginia claims to be fortunate
to shoot this winter this bigfoot – huge and with a redhead
wool. According to the American, it was a mature snow male.
human height of at least two and a half meters. Eyewitness
once photographed the legendary monster, but did not find
dare to follow him despite the fact that he was
Extreme curious where the yeti lives and whether he has a family.

The picture taken by the man shows the snowy forest. Straight
high between the two trees in the background
обезьяноподобная фигура с рыжеватой wool. Skeptics are confident that
This is a common mossy stump, but the witness says that the creature
walking fast through the forest and crunching snow loudly, what kind of

However, direct evidence of this from an American, of course,
not. He regrets to say that he is too confused (and you
arrived in his place?) and did not think immediately to capture
cryptide on video. And when our hero took a snapshot of a bigfoot and realized
that this may not be enough to convince web users
in the veracity of his fantastic encounter in the forest, humanlike
the monster is already gone away. Whether he did not notice the traveler
nearby, or did not turn on him taking out. And run for
he was afraid of a man …

It is worth noting that West Virginia, according to statistics
cryptozoologists, is one of the champions among American
states by the number of observations of a snowman. Take a look, for example,
to the video below, filmed here on May 27, 2008.
Its author played a tourist game of geocaching and found himself in a foggy
the forest on Mount Snows. At some point he saw in the haze among
trees silhouette of a walking sasqucha. This American, fortunately,
догадался поймать cryptide on video. Although the movie turned out very
short, it clearly shows the huge figure of the yeti in motion.
So there is nothing surprising in the fact that another American
faced the yeti, as they say, nose to nose …

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