American firefighter captures “angelicessence “

54-year-old fireman Glen Torman from an American city
East Jordana (Michigan) claims surveillance camera
outside his house captured something mysterious the other day.

A device equipped with motion sensors, photographed
a strange anomaly, hovering at night over the car of the spouse of our hero.
Glenn is convinced that this is an angelic essence, by chance or
There is no lens. Thorman told reporters:

I have a security camera with sensors on my window,
reacting to even the slightest movement. That night I was in the service and
did not check the records, having done this only the next day. Usually on
photos include insects, birds, wind-scattering leaves and other
objects that electronics mistaken for violators
(important objects). However, there was something completely different here.
Looking at this photo, I immediately saw the figure of an angel. I even
tears flowed from the eyes of emotion. I showed this incredible frame
wife, then sent him to our pastor. He also concluded that
angelic image. I would never have thought that I would become a witness
something like that.

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