American found evidence of existenceYeti and intends to present them in court

American snowman hunter intends to summon
officials to prove to the world once and for all

Todd Standing from the city of Golden, located in the state
Colorado, filed a civil lawsuit against local commanders
Ministry of Wildlife and the Environment. Enthusiast
claims that public servants hide from the public the truth about
Yeti and, moreover, constantly expose the life of the legendary shaggy
cryptic danger because of its impenetrable stupidity and

Our hero intends to provide physical evidence in court.
bigfoot reality, photo and video materials, as well as numerous
eyewitness accounts. In addition, Todd will require that
one of the reputable biologists working for the american
the government went with him for three months to the natural
habitat sasquoche to get there real
evidence of a snowman.

The snowman hunter plans to bring his companion to
trail of a cryptide in the forest. The activist does it for one purpose – to protect
Yeti from the barbaric attitude of a person to this cryptic: after all
he is not even prohibited from hunting, like, say, a bear or a wolf, not
to mention that we frankly do not know how much he
different in its mental development from us.

Standing tells:

I have been thinking for a long time about what would be better: leave the bigfoot
secret for most of us or, on the contrary, to tell about them
all Unfortunately, today, when there is less and less
places touched by man, the best solution would still be to give
the existence of the yeti is publicized and make the territories inhabited
these creatures are guarded. This is the only way to prevent
the disappearance of these amazing creatures. Believe me: many people
believers in bigfoot would gladly hang his head over his
fireplace. This in no case should not be allowed.

According to the American, he was preparing for this lawsuit for a whole year,
however, no lawyer wanted to get down to business. Then Todd decided
act alone. Standing enlisted the support of several
scientists including professors from the State University
Idaho. These experts gave the enthusiast impressions prints
legs of the monster, as well as samples of its wool and excrement. Our hero
found several dozen eyewitnesses whose stories about meeting with
cryptide inspire confidence. The specialist notes that this is his
the only real chance to somehow help harmless
humanoid creatures in the woods.

However, not all bigfoot researchers in America share the point
Todd Standing’s view, some believe the snowman
representative of another world, breaking into our reality
unknown reasons. Neither kill nor catch him yet
It was possible, I can not even shoot it on video. Then from whom are we
we want to protect this mythical creature
abilities far superior person? Rather a man
would need to be defended if there was a need for that. BUT
its just not, because the yeti behave quite peacefully on
towards people, and if a person sometimes suffers from them,
thats just from your own excessive vanity and nothing
undue curiosity …

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