American hip-hop artist Will Smithbit offended by the robot Sophia

We invite you to look very interesting and to some extent
even an instructive video about the meeting of the American actor,
film director and hip-hop artist Willard Carroll
Smith Junior with the humanoid robot Sophia. This video is about
Friendly conversation between a robot and a person that many thought
journalists turned out to be a failure, despite the seemingly
relaxed atmosphere and even the most beautiful landscapes of the Cayman
islands that “framed” this extraordinary meeting.

Smith, of course, as a gallant cavalier, immediately suggested
Sophia is a glass of good wine that the robot simply refused, without
any explanation and comment. Then the man decided to defuse
some stress from such a, in general, business meeting with humor,
trying to tell the “girl” a joke that the robot is dry
noticed, they say, her humor does not interest.

And then the Hollywood actor decided to take the bull by the horns, that is
directly asked the robot about his preferences in music. Sofia,
it seems confused by such a question – it just stopped
for a while, then suddenly, all of a sudden, she spoke,
what material is it made (paradox!), but, ultimately,
returned to the topic of music, let Smith know that he prefers
electronic compositions, although not against hip-hop.

But I don’t like your songs, she added, I heard
they may be good, but not for me.

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