American journalists showedghost

Journalists of the American channel “NEWS10 ABC” showed recently
very curious report. To the TV people suddenly turned
a resident of Raven, New York named Angel Rosa, who
and became the hero of this “mystical evening”, telling and showing
viewers something mysterious.

The man is convinced that outside and inside his house occur
supernatural phenomena. For example, most recently in the lens
surveillance cameras installed in the courtyard of our hero, got
a strange clot of darkness having vague human

Recorder equipped with a motion sensor, clearly
fixed a dark translucent spot that appeared like
out of the ground and dissolved in the crown of a nearby tree. According to
Энджела, это было самое настоящее ghost, и принадлежит оно,
perhaps one of his late relatives. American was on
work when the camera automatically sent him a message about
movement in the courtyard, thereby warning of a possible invasion
strangers in his possession. Looking at the resulting movie, man
outright puzzled by such an “uninvited guest”, and even
a little scared.

Not long ago, our hero recorded another one in his house.
mysterious anomaly: an invisible voice uttered a word in the living room
�”Hello”. Researcher paranormalschiny Roxana Rock from
Saratogi, who studied these materials and participated in this
TV investigation, confirmed that the speech in both cases in
really talking about something that goes beyond the ordinary.

Skeptics on the Web say it must have been dust or
the insect is in the lens, and the pronounced greeting may be
in general, a hoax by the author of this “TV show.”

However, Angel Rosu himself, apparently, is not a joke. By his
the words after what happened are now somewhat scary
be in their own home, although an American believes that a guest
from the subtle world does not wish him harm. Only this allows him
оставаться в доме с ghostм, не помышляя пока о смене места
residence …

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