American observatory spotted near the sunhuge object of unknown origin

The American Automatic Observatory “STEREO”, launched on
heliocentric orbit to study solar activity, spotted
at the end of May of this year, something truly amazing. Static
photo of this unidentified space object is hardly particularly
will impress many of us, however by including the one below
the video, you will surely come in a huge surprise. What is this
is it? Where did it come from near the Sun and where was it going?

Mysterious video was uploaded to the YouTube channel
�”A51: S Studios.” According to the author of the channel, these frames are uniquely
demonstrate a giant space ship, similar to the ring with
rhombus inscribed in it. If this is true, then the dimensions
UFOs are comparable to the size of an entire planet! Despite the fact that the video
appeared on the Internet two months ago, it is just now
interested in numerous ufologists and conspiracy therapists.

There was a hot debate amongst the experts.
nature of this phenomenon. No one doubts that this
the object cannot be an asteroid or a noise in the spectrometer
observatories, however, researchers cannot come to a consensus,
who built this incredible structure. Some conspiracy therapists
suggest that we can talk about a secret space station,
built by the mighty of this world for future relocation there
Of the earth.

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