American pensioners mysteriouslyturned out to be the thieves of the painting for 160 million

When the elderly couple Jerry and Rita Olter from New Mexico
died, a valuable picture was unexpectedly discovered in their bedroom
�”Woman – Ocher” brush by the Dutch painter Willem de Kooning,
stolen November 29, 1985 from the State Art Museum
Arizona and estimated at 160 million dollars.

An amazing find was made in the house of spouses in the past
year, however, American law enforcement officers still do not know that
and think about what happened, and therefore information about this criminal
In fact, for a long time were not disclosed. And today in the press
leaked only a minimum of information about it.

According to neighbors, Jerry and Rita have always been charming
a couple who led an extremely normal and relaxed lifestyle.
How did this seemingly exemplary family succeed
to steal expensive cloth? And for what? According to the official version
the police, the olters are in fact the abductors of this
works of art. Moreover, on the day of the theft they visited
the city where the museum is located, and even identikits of the alleged
criminals are quite similar to our heroes. However,
Law enforcement remains many unresolved issues.

For example, how the spouses managed to kidnap a cloth that was in
all in sight? Subsequently, other museum visitors reported that
have seen a suspicious couple (according to these indications and were drawn up
identikits), however, no pictures in the hands of a man and a woman
It was. Hence the following question: how did the kidnappers manage
imperceptibly carry out a large work in a frame from a building? Alas,
surveillance cameras were not here at that time, so
the crime was not captured in a photo or video.

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