American photographed a gnome in a hollowwood

Representatives of the foreign news portal “Before It’s News”
published mysterious pictures, one of which,
предположительно, запечатлен гном или гоблин в дупле wood. In it,
Of course, it is quite difficult to verify, especially to materialists,
however, it is stated that the image below is
genuine. Journalists report that the photographer’s identity is not
known, however, he wrote that he lived on the East Coast

According to the American, he was walking in the forest and suddenly noticed
some movement in the hollow of one of the trees that fell into his path.
The man thought that some animal was hiding there, took out his
smartphone and approached the hole in the trunk.

Suddenly, inside seemed an inexplicable creature with a head
irregular shape, small eyes and sharp teeth.
The traveler was taken aback, but managed to take pictures once
mysterious essence before she issued a strange squeak and
disappeared somewhere in the depths of the hollow. When our hero returned home,
Hurried to send your unique frame to reporters.

The beliefs about goblins originate from the medieval
Western European folklore. It is believed that these
supernatural humanoid entities live in caves, burrows
animals and other places in nature, hiding from sunlight
and people. Some legends say that each of them has
gold, which reliably hides under the ground, and if desired goblin
can be robbed. However, in this case, the original owner
wealth will try to regain it, in between times sending the mean
thief to the forefathers.

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