American photographed an ephemeral cat inpuff of smoke

A resident of the American city of Dallas, Texas, claims that
he managed to take a picture of an ephemeral cat. Man tells
that I visited my good friend not so long ago, and the friends decided
to smoke During the conversation, our hero decided to take pictures of clubs
smoke in the air. On one of these pictures he captured in
a certain moment a cloud of smoke near the ordinary mirror.

At first, the American did not notice anything on this frame.
unusual, but everything changed the next day when he decided
view the snapshots received the day before. That same photo taken
next to the mirror, the man showed a very strange image,
suspiciously similar to feline animals. Getting into
The Internet, a mysterious snapshot caught the attention of web users,
who began to wonder what is depicted on it.

Some commentators believe that this is a bizarre paradolic
illusion caused by symmetry of reflection. For others, speech
talking about a ghost cat. It is noteworthy that our hero’s friend,
apartments which men smoked hookah, has become lately
notice something strange in his dwelling. He began to think that
a small animal walks in the dark at night, however
no trace of the presence of a foreign cat, he did not find.

Ghost cats are relatively common
characters of urban folklore, all kinds of mystical
stories, and with the proliferation of video cameras in our world, they all
more often began to fall on the photo and video recorders. For example,
the video below was taken in 1999 at
English nursing home Norton Hall. At the 44th second in the frame
a translucent feline silhouette appears that runs across the floor.
It is reported that the camera was installed by an employee of the house, to whom
pensioners complained about the quiet, like sneaking walk in their
rooms at night.

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