American photographed snowghosts

A resident of the United States of America claims he succeeded
сфотографировать на днях несколько ghosts посреди заснеженного
landscape. Eric Benson from Minnesota says he visited
recently his mother in the service. A woman works in a building where before
there was a high school. According to rumors, an educational institution
It was cursed and inhabited by numerous people from the other world.
Perhaps that is why the school and moved to another building, and this
given under the office.

So, according to Eric, he said goodbye to his mother and went outside.
Heavy snowfall began, and our hero decided to take a picture
trees nearby in this amazingly fantastic snowy
�”Chaos”. When the American returned home and looked through
pictures, he felt uneasy. On one of the frames, Benson noticed
ephemeral human silhouettes, as if merging with snow.
Despite the fact that the supposed phantoms look very vague,
on closer inspection you can see something on the picture.
напоминающее несколько снежных ghosts. Mysterious figures like
look at the camera lens, becoming interested in the appearance

Many users of the World Wide Web thought it was
pareidolic illusion created by flakes of falling snow.
The ability of a person to see different images in random textures
called apofenia. This term was introduced in 1958 German
Psychiatrist Klaus Konrad. The scientist determined that apophhenia is often
peculiar to people with a very good imagination. In other words, than
the better your imagination, the more often you will see around you
similar “drummers”. However, excessive apophenia may be
a sign of mental disorder.

But what about the Benson camcorder? She suffers too
apofenia, or is it not so simple in this world as it seems
our scientists and especially psychiatrists? For example, esoteric argue
that the so-called schizophrenics are not at all sick, these are people who
For reasons unknown to us, they moved their consciousness to another
reality. And get them back from there in medical ways like this
make doctors impossible. So that the paradolic illusion is rather
In total, the scientists came up with the idea of ​​not being able to explain that
or otherwise the case actually happens. Knock everything out
the work of the human brain – the easiest …

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