American pilot talks about meetings withUFO

In the famous ufological organization MUFON turned former
The pilot of the United States Air Force, who for 37 years kept the secret about
встречах с UFO, поскольку все это время боялся, что это повредит
his career or even break life.

The man and now asked for research staff
organizations not to disclose his real name, as he believes
что в США преследуются люди, выдающие секреты об UFO и
aliens, and the former pilot has children, and he does not want
cause them no trouble. But also keep quiet about meeting with
mysterious devices obviously unearthly origin, he has more
can not. Moreover, the Pentagon today has openly begun
report some of their secret study programs

The former pilot reported that during his service he was somewhat
once faced with such inexplicable phenomena. For example, when
he served at the Air Force Joint Base Base Charleston and flew a transport
on the C-141, on one of the sorties, the airborne radar caught a strange
an object moving parallel to their course. The crew immediately reported
this dispatcher service on earth, where the answer came from, that they
тоже видят этот UFO. True, then the dispatchers all piled on failures in
working with radars.

However, when the C-141 went to the next flight, all
it happened again, only now over the Atlantic. Control center
полетами опять подтвердил, что и наземные радары видят UFO. In that
once the dispatch service even offered the crew to make
report on the incident, but the pilots decided not to risk their

MUFON is currently studying the information received from the former
military pilot, checks some data, after which, perhaps,
опубликует и другие его рассказы о встречах UFO. Anyway
such revelations of witnesses are already common, and they
once again prove that the presence of aliens on our planet
– this is an indisputable fact. That is why the task of ufologists today
должно становиться не доказательство реальности UFO, а налаживание
contacts with aliens, exploring the reasons why they are
the general public remains a mystery, and even then – this
mystic …

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