American prophet preacher called Russiathe savior of the world

We all know that the famous American sleeping prophet Edgar
Casey believed that the future of our civilization is Russia. it
confirmed by many other visionaries, psychics, sorcerers and shamans.
But, as a rule, they are not related to the United States, therefore, on the Internet, their
often called false prophets, who simply “play along” with Russia,
you can’t say about Casey himself, who has always been a patriot of his

But here is another American prophet, already today,
назвал Россию — the savior of the world. it евангельский проповедник
from USA Rick Joyner. Born in 1949 in Virginia, Rick
first devoted his life to the navy. It is there to him
The first visions came from the future, which, on the one hand, helped
he survived, but on the other – led to the bosom of the church.

He is currently a preacher and a businessman at the same time,
moreover, in spite of their nationality to the USA,
literally in love with Russia. He explains such love very much
simple: it is, in his own words, God-chosen country, which
first passed all the tests, cleared of all filth and now
is a spiritual guide for the rest of the world. Wisdom
Russia is that it is not only itself, but all the others
nations will lead to the righteous path, the path of universal prosperity and

Rick says that Russia today needs to be afraid of only one thing –
the revival of fascism, since the disease of communism has already survived,
after 70 years of real slavery. But with this great power,
the prophet stresses, it is unlikely that something bad will happen,
Most likely, some troubles and small swings, which
will not be able to change the right course of development, further strengthen
and prosperity.

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