American scientists: the birth of children reduceswoman’s life

Scientists from Northwestern University in Illinois conducted
large-scale study for many years comparing performance
health of women who do not have children, and those women who,
on the contrary, they become mothers.

As a result of their observation, the Americans did disappointing
the conclusion that the birth of a child each time shortens life
the fair sex for several years, accelerating
aging processes of the body. So, if you believe that
the appearance of the baby is exhausting the mother only mentally, then you, rather
all wrong. A woman’s physical condition also changes to
the worst.

The authors of the experience claim that the more children a woman gives birth
the less is the duration of its life. In the study
More than 3200 young modern women took part
whose health has been carefully analyzed by scientists. Eventually
experts have determined that the process of birth literally destroys
a woman’s body is at the cellular level and significantly weakens

According to experts, this is not surprising. Nature,
they say, first of all, they are interested in
offspring, not in his constant well-being. And bye
a woman has not fulfilled her, roughly speaking, direct purpose, her
health will last longer.

This is indirectly confirmed by the Russian parapsychologist and writer.
Sergey Lazarev, who in his esoteric books more than once
stressed that until a woman gives birth to three children, she
abortions that can cause subsequent oncology are contraindicated,
as a punishment from above, because the main purpose is violated
women in this life. But after three children, abortion is practically

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