American sells extraterrestrial artifactof origin

In 1985, a US resident named Bob White drove with his
buddy in las vegas and on the way to the american capital
entertainment friends witnessed the appearance of an unidentified
flying object. Mysterious UFO, which appeared then in the sky, presented
our hero is not only unforgettable emotions, but also amazing
an artifact that White calls an “alien drop.”

For more than 3 decades, a man refused to part with his
a unique find, but now he has finally decided to sell

Bob says that during a trip to Las Vegas he and his
Comrade noticed a strange glow in the night sky. When the car
drove closer, the Americans saw a huge orange ball,
soared above the ground. Around the “flying saucer” circling a lot
small lights that at some point fly up to
the intended alien ship and merged with it. Thereafter
the aircraft soared upward and disappeared from sight affected
eyewitnesses. When the buddies recovered from the shock, they noticed some kind of
glow on the ground. It turned out that it was a piece of metal
red hot and swimming in the soil.

When the metal cooled and witnesses took it out of the ground, it turned out
that he acquired the form of a 19-centimeter drop with peculiar
�”Scales”. The artifact is somewhat reminiscent of a huge
pine cone. It is not known how friends “shared” this acquisition,
however, it ended up as a result of White. American is very serious
He treated his discovery and showed it to numerous scientists.
Experts have determined that it consists of an alloy as known
the science of metals (aluminum, iron, palladium), and those that
missing in the periodic table. The latter indicates that
the origin of the artifact can really be extraterrestrial.

Bob repeatedly about this (about meeting with a UFO and about donated
alien artifact) spoke on television, wrote about him
many newspapers. The man twice passed a polygraph test.
The lie detector showed that the American is telling the truth or, in extreme
least, he absolutely believes in his meeting with the UFO. How, by the way, and his
old friend. The reason why the artifact was put on
sale is not called. Maybe White just needed
money. The cost of an alien object, he promised to name only
potential buyer and only in person. Until,
note, there was still no one willing to purchase this
fantastic drop …

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