American sells ranch, attractingaggressive aliens

Buckeye State Arizona Offers 4-Hectare
ranch stardust. The cost of the farmstead is 5 million
dollars. Its owner, 58-year-old John Edmonds, claims that
The reason he sells his favorite ranch is to
supernatural activity that is constantly here
going on. American reports that representatives are to blame
extraterrestrial civilization, many of which he managed to kill

In addition, according to the man, the aliens repeatedly abducted
his and his wife As a result, the couple are tired of confronting uninvited guests
from another planet, and Edmonds reluctantly decided to part with
manor house

John says that once an unseen force has raised
at night his wife was out of bed and moved to the nearest parking lot. Our
a hero armed with a Japanese saber ran to the parking lot and saw
there are many gray humanoids who are going to pick up a woman in
some spatial portal. Without thinking, the farmer began to chop off
aliens heads, until they retreated. 19 creatures turned out

Happiness on the ranch violated aliens

Edmonds acquired Stardust in 1995. They opened a small
a veterinary firm specializing in the treatment of horses, and
earned good money. Things went well for the spouses about two
decades, but then on the ranch began to occur various
strangeness. In the night sky over the farm began to sweep glowing
the lights on the site began to flash ominous humanoid
silhouettes. Once John discovered on the ground a black rounded stone with
strange groove, similar to the outgoing from the center of the wavy rays.
The stone was very hot, and our hero, wearing gloves, took
his out of harm’s way into the wilderness.

The ranch has a main house with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a guest
a house, a swimming pool, 3 garages and much more, that is
Excellent ranch with all amenities. Edmonds, however,
warn potential buyers to always
be prepared for the unexpected, and such a life is not
for each family, rather for extremes and lovers of something
extraordinary. The manor house is literally teeming with “green
little men. John determined that they appear here every 72
of the day from the mysterious portal. Aliens behave quite
aggressively and show great interest in inhabiting the earth
creatures. Space guests have repeatedly injured horses and
kidnapped John, putting on it various medical

Our герой долго отказывался сдаваться. Armed with a katana and
a gun, he destroyed a total of several dozen
alien violators. The blood of the alien, as it turned out, such
same red as us. However, if you cut off such a creature head
or shoot him, it simply disappears and, probably,
being restored at home. The farm owner suspects that “green
little people “do not die at all after cutting off their heads, but
simply teleport back to themselves, where they heal
all injured. Otherwise they would have destroyed John and his

For a long time, because of his stubbornness, John refused to move out.
from here, however, now he and his wife are just tired of fighting with
humanoids, and the years take their toll, not a boy already waving a katana and
chop the heads of the infidels. Enough is enough. Now let
somebody else will try to fight back here with this obstinate
aliens from another world.

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