American take off on a homemade rocket with a view toevidence that the Earth is flat

United States resident Mike Hughes Crazy
decided to perform the most dangerous trick in order to uncover a huge world
conspiracy. The 61-year-old man believes that the earth is flat,
and for some reason the powers that be hide this fact from
the public. An elderly American, like many other people,
convinced that all photos, videos and modern maps with
The image of our planet are falsifications.

However, our hero’s Madman is not called because of his
faith in the plane of the earth. Mike is a professional daredevil,
famous for making artisanal aircraft and
piloting them. So, last year, Hughes designed a rocket
on steam steam and successfully flew in her second largest
American canyon Palo Duro. Now he is much
perfected his invention and decided to climb it in
near-earth space. Self-taught astronaut will lead
online broadcast of his flight, and back down on a parachute.

A unique steam rocket of bright red color should be
reach a speed of 800 kilometers per hour and raise Mike high above
Ground Hughes is confident that our planet will really be
flat, and he captures it from there on video, so that once and for all
prove to the world the lies of nasa and other space agencies. The members
The flat earth societies have already donated to the American project more
20 thousand dollars. Our hero assured his brothers and sisters by
the conviction that it will certainly put an end to a large-scale conspiracy.
Daredevil is well versed in aerodynamics, so it’s entirely
believes in the success of his mission.

A man tells reporters:

I will forever stop talking about the round Earth. My rocket can
seem primitive to you, but it is much more perfect than all those
vehicles that launch space agencies of the world. Ilon Musk,
for example, it empties dummies into the air, putting them as
advanced multistage rockets. These billionaires, scientists,
politicians and false astronauts will deceive us to the last.
Man has never been in space, and all the pictures and videos of the Earth from above
are arrogant fake. John Glenn and Neil Armstrong were
Freemasons, this is a well-known fact. By understanding this, you realize how
the roots of this conspiracy go deep. I’m really scared
to make such a flight, but someone has to do it. Does not matter
none of us will leave this world alive.

The other day we wrote that the famous Flat Earth Society
first organized its own international conference. Congress
supporters of this conspiracy theory took place in the American city of Raleigh
North Carolina State. The event was attended by over 8
hundreds of people. At the same time, according to unofficial statistics,
the number of people who think our planet is flat every year
slowly, not steadily growing. Experts suggest that all
the growing mistrust of citizens towards governments in
combined with the naivety of ordinary people and constant hoaxes in
The web.

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