American videotaped strange lights inthe forest

User known video hosting “YouTube” under a pseudonym
Dal V posted on the site a mysterious video, shot by him at the end
last month. A resident of the American city of North Kansas City (state
Missouri) says that he left home at night during a thunderstorm and
noticed something strange in the dark.

The man explains that he lives near the forest, and that evening he
I saw among the trees incomprehensible flash. Although in the sky
lightning flashed, mysterious glowing lights between the branches behaved
very differently and were not like tricks or reflection
raging elements. The next morning, the American looked out at the back.
the yard, however, did not see anything suspicious in the light of day. Author
The following entry writes:

There was a storm, and I watched the ominous light that flickered somewhere on
the junction of my yard and the forest. He looked like dripping melted
plastic. The next day I found nothing there but good
familiar to me trees. During the incident, I wanted to go
closer, but when it rains, the backyard of my house blurs heavily, and
I can not walk there. It was a very strange phenomenon
which I can not find a rational explanation. help me
sort out.

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