American woman almost paid with her life, tootrusting the navigator

Today’s generation has become too trusting of electronic
technology, which, unfortunately, often gives failures. For this reason
people lose money, sometimes a lot, and human life itself is often
It is in danger, because to predict how to behave
electronics in a given situation, whether it does not violate its work
hackers, viruses or some reasons unknown to science in general, nobody
can not.

This was demonstrated by a recent incident with
24-year-old American Amber, who decided to ride a car
to the Grand Canyon (USA), completely unaware of the road there. But
the girl was so confident in the possibilities of modern
car navigators that didn’t even think about accidental crashes in
the work of electronics and not insured – no cards, not even
oral questioning how to get there.

Pointing to the navigator the final point of the route – Havasu Falls Trail,
Amber moved on a long journey, strictly following the instructions
GPS Guide Google Maps. The girl did not even bother
the fact that at some point in her journey she
slid off the highway and already rolled along the desert sandy area, where
she stopped getting cars and people. Amber for some reason (she also led
GPS wizard) was sure that she would soon go back to normal

But… время шло, а пустыня все не кончалась. But soon it got dark
on the street, suddenly … the GPS-navigator stopped working in the car, but,
the worst thing is, gasoline is over, and hope to meet gas stations soon
it remained a hope …

I had to spend the night surrounded by only the stars and boundless darkness.
The next morning the girl realized, finally, that she was lost in the desert, that
There is no mobile communication and there is practically no way to wait for help. She is
laid out the word “sos” on the ground in the hope that it can
notice the flying aircraft or drones on top, but all this
was more like a nightmare than an adventure …

Hope in this situation could only be a miracle, but it
for some reason, not in a hurry to happen. A few days miserable
an American saw only a truck that drove from her on a large
distance, without even noticing her desperate calls and pleas for help.
In the afternoon, the girl suffered from the scorching sun, froze at night, from eating
she only had some fruits and nuts. No wonder that on the sixth
day Amber decided to leave the car and started the journey back.
on foot.

She is прошла не менее двадцати километров, как вдруг… заработал
cellular telephone. The girl here de called lifeguards. And they need
pay tribute to the United States, arrived by helicopter rather quickly, delivering
then an American to the hospital. Here she was diagnosed
dehydration, sunburn and other dangerous, but in this case
no longer deadly ailments.

In general, everything ended well, but it could be quite
otherwise, that is why trust modern electronic means for everything
a hundred, well, does not follow …

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