American woman asked to prove when buyingmachines that she is not a robot

South Florida resident Marcy Robin has recently encountered
surprising phenomenon when buying a car in a dealership
Italian company “Fiat”.

A center employee asked a woman to prove that she is not
a robot. This already sounds ridiculous, but even more meaningless.
It turned out to be a way to “confirm the humanity.” American woman
handed a piece of paper on which was printed the so-called

�Captcha is an automated text
used on the Internet for screening out live users and
blocking access to robots. You yourself probably have repeatedly
passed it by typing in the pop-up windows the necessary characters or
choosing from photographs of certain objects.

On the World Wide Web, this certainly makes sense, however
real life “captcha”, which offered to perform an American woman
Buying a car is an absolute nonsense. Besides Marcy
it took just to put a tick on the paper, and not to solve
any tasks that can distinguish a living person from a robot.
If the representatives of “Fiat” really fear that androids
will come to them to buy cars, sellers should come up with more
sophisticated methods of recognition of artificial intelligence.

Our heroine was asked to perform a “captcha” at the final stage
deal. The woman was very surprised and at first considered what was happening.
funny joke, but the employee is quite serious
explained to her that this is a standard procedure. Maybe representatives
�Do Fiat know something that the general public doesn’t know?

Has anyone of the Internet users come across anywhere
such a procedure offline? It would be interesting to continue this
�“Funny” topic and listen to people’s opinions about where we are going to
the desire to protect themselves from robots …

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