American woman captured humanoidplot

A resident of North Carolina named Matty Ann heard
a few nights ago a strange growl near his house.
Armed with a flashlight and camera smartphone, our heroine came out
out. There she received the video below. AT
A certain moment in the lens of the gadget gets the head of the mysterious
humanoid creature and quickly hiding in the dark. When
the girl again sends a flashlight there, the humanoid is already a trace
caught a cold

Mattie reports that for two weeks now she has been hearing
в темное время суток, как кто-то рыскает на ее plot. Now,
having received confirmation that there really is a certain
frightening essence, Ann does not know what to do. Girl not
She wants to go to the police because she is sure that she will be raised there
to laugh Между тем пользователи ATсемирной паутины пугают нашу
the heroine, that this may be an alien, a monster or a mutant.

The sinister movie is not only interested in regular patrons
Network, but also researchers paranormalschiny.

So, the Los Angeles specialist in the field of supernatural
Terry Larch, having familiarized himself with these shots, concluded that
we have a cryptide in front of us, that is, a very real being: not
mystical, but still not known official science. Larch
believes that the growth of the monster is about 1.9 meters, and the weight – not
less than 90 kilograms. It turns out, fear there is anyone, although
In this case, the police are a bad helper, the woman is entitled to everything

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