American woman sues NASA for tenuremoon dust

American Laura Murray Kykko from Cincinnati Ohio filed
last week a lawsuit against the american
national space agency. The fact is that representatives
NASA attempted to collect a sample of moon dust from a woman
her from her parents. Those in turn received such an unusual gift.
from the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong, who was closely friends
father of our heroine.

Willing at any cost to defend their rights Kykko
tells reporters what she got when she was 10 years old
mother’s glass flask that holds the dust, presumably
from the natural satellite of the Earth. Laura’s father Tom Murray was a pilot
American Air Corps and Armstrong’s good friend, with
which they were together in an exclusive and once secret
the club “Quit Birman” for male pilots.

Armstrong, who was on the moon, gave mother Kykko in the 1970s
This bottle, to which attached a note: “Laura Ann Murray – just
Best – Neil Armstrong – Apollo 11 “. Handwriting
expertise has repeatedly confirmed that these words were in the very
written by a legendary astronaut. So in the flask
may indeed be highly likely to be dust,
delivered by the Americans in 1969 from the moon.

Why did NASA need a handful of moon dust from private

The catch is that, according to American law, the whole
dust brought to Earth by NASA astronauts is property
US government. Recognizing that Kykko owns so rare
artifact, space agency representatives began literally
put pressure on the woman, insistently demanding the return of their valuable sample. Not
so long ago, NASA scientists, by the way, determined that moon dust is very
detrimental effect on a person, killing his cells and even mutates
DNA Thus, representatives of the department have a new
reason to demand the return of the flask. Say, being in it
dust can be deadly to others.

Laura’s lawyer claims to prove the authenticity of the content.
donated to her parents a bottle, fortunately for the plaintiff,

  • first, the dust, they say, can have both lunar and quite
    terrestrial origin. Maybe Armstrong was just joking;
  • moreover, it is still unknown whether the Americans flew at all to the moon.
    Recently, a mass of evidence has surfaced that even
    today with our level of space technology run man
    without risk to his health through the Van Allen belts is problematic, in
    the sixties of the last century “Apollos”, according to experts,
    and at all was a “tin cans”, which to
    orbital flights were not very suitable;
  • so NASA from Laura Murray, most likely, does not need a lunar
    dust, and the elimination of physical evidence that the “Mission
    Apollo “was a hoax and the biggest fraud of the XX century
    from the US;
  • no one will open the flask, so while
    the content is in such a “superposition”, it is safe for
    others, and until then NASA cannot claim this

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