American youth establishes a new worldRubik’s Cube Record

Fifteen-year-old Patrick Pons from the USA on September 2 of this year
sets a new world record for collecting so popular in
world of the Rubik’s Cube. This happened at state competitions.

Throwing the already assembled dice on the table, Patrick exclaimed – new
world?! That is, he intuitively understood in advance that he had collected
puzzle very quickly, which may well pull on the new
achievement. After a few tense seconds, the judges confirmed –
Yes, a new world record has been set since Patrick managed
Collect the Rubik’s Cube in just 4.69 seconds.

Recall that the previous record in collecting this puzzle
was installed by an Australian young man – Felix Zemdegs, this
happened at the end of last year. His result was 4.73 seconds, then
есть всего на 4 сотые секунды больше, чем нынешнее achievement.

Recall that the puzzle-cube was coined by the Hungarian
the inventor, sculptor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik in
1974, however, the peak of popularity of this “toy” received at the beginning
eighties of the last century, quickly spreading
the whole world. Since then, according to preliminary estimates, it has been sold
no less than a billion of these puzzles.

By the way, competitions among boys and girls to collect the cube
Rubik became popular in the United States only at the beginning of this century, at that
moment, we note, the record was not so impressive compared to
present, for example, in 2003, he showed only 16.7

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