Americans a century ago crossed a man andchimpanzee

Almost a century ago, leading American scientists managed to create
hybrid of man and monkey. This was unexpectedly announced by the 77-year-old.
professor of evolutionary psychology Gordon Gallup from the University
State of New York at Albany.

According to the scientist, in the 20s of the last century in Florida
science park “Orange Park” was born a unique
детеныш, матерью которого стала самка chimpanzee, а отцом —
Unknown human sperm donor. Sounds like clean
fiction, however, Gallup, being an authoritative researcher with
many awards and connections, fully vouch for the truth of their
of words.

Giving interviews to reporters of the famous British tabloid “The
Sun “, the specialist said that the experiments on human interbreeding and
monkeys were American (and maybe Soviet too)
scientists for several decades however no one
counted seriously on the fact that the four-armed primate can give birth to
not a representative of its kind. Therefore, even for the authors of the experiment
стало настоящим потрясением, когда самка chimpanzee вдруг
got pregnant as a result of artificial insemination from a person
safely endured and gave birth in a secret research
institution of a healthy child.

Скрестив человека и chimpanzee, американцы испугались последствий
this experiment

Unfortunately, among the people of science who did not expect the success of this
procedures, immediately heated debates about ethical and moral
sides of the question, resulting in a striking animal was
decided to subject to euthanasia, that is, simply put to sleep, destroy.
However, in the few weeks until Humanze (given the name
cub) grew up and lived in the laboratory, he never ceased to amaze
specialists. Genetic tests actually showed
принадлежность создания одновременно к chimpanzee и человеку, да и
outwardly he looked like some kind of intermediate evolutionary link between
monkey and homo sapiens.

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