Americans began to write medicine for fearin front of Russia

One of the American pharmaceutical companies began to issue
The new drug “Sovieta”, designed specifically for those
residents of the “citadel of democracy” who fear the Russians

Так называемый «синдромом тревоги in front of Russia» стал здесь в
recent years a major problem. Americans broadcast daily with
TV screens that the RF intervenes in US policy, uses
against America climate weapons and generally preparing to erase
United States into radioactive dust. Trusting yankee listening
this intrusive information, begin to experience genuine fear
in front of the mysterious northern country, “the power of the barbarians”, “Russian
Bear “and other horror stories.

Some residents of the stars and stripes of the state rationally fear
in the current tense political situation of the third world war,
others begin to think that the Russian special services listen to them
at home and hacking into computers, most of the Americans in general
understands very little, nevertheless the word “Russian” has long been for them
associated with mortal danger. Similar situation
It was observed in America during the Cold War. Then in the USA even
there was a popular expression “red under the bed” (red under
bed) denoting the common paranoia of the American people due
mythical threat from the Soviet Union. Now to this
only a clarification was added: the red ones are Russian – terrible,
invincible and ubiquitous demons.

It is known that the new drug belongs to the group
antidepressants. How this light drug allows patients
американских психологов побороть страх in front of Russia, не
it is reported, however, it must be assumed that the pharmacist
This is an additional decent sum.

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