Americans believed in the comic news about�Trump’s wife’s “ghost”

US First Lady Melanya Trump for a relatively long time not
appeared in public, and rumors quickly spread to the world that
the sexy wife of the 45th American president is hard
got sick, died, or even was completely eliminated by the special services because
his dissatisfaction with the political actions of her husband.

The famous satirical news agency added fuel to the fire.
�”The Onion”, which reported that in the residence of the head of “the citadel
Democracies “suddenly began to notice the ghost of his late wife.
The headline on the agency’s website reads: “Photographer of the White House Sheola
Craighead was frightened after she showed up in every picture.
the pale ghostly figure of Melania Trump. ” With this presented
the above image was issued by pranksters journalists for one of
such supernatural frames.

Despite the fact that “The Onion” never hid what they write
exceptionally funny news and satires, this material quickly
scattered on the World Wide Web under the guise of real news. Many
Americans took what they read at face value and even became
call the White House, demanding that the authorities explain
the appearance of the ghost of the wife of Donald Trump.

Those concerned are still assured that with the first lady everything is
full order, and in public it will appear immediately, as in this
will be a necessity. But Americans, already accustomed to the fact that
the authorities are constantly hiding something and deceiving people, they no longer believe
official statements. Moreover, in the US blogosphere, the beginning
grow the suggestion that Melanya Trump is substituted, and therefore
rumors about her demise are not so groundless. As the saying goes,
have arrived. And the agency “The Onion” was so awkward
joke …

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