Americans collect Russian dataDVRs

In the US, there is a “documentary” film assembled from
записей российских DVRs. Why are residents of the Russian Federation shown in
it is only in a negative way, REN TV journalists found out.

The movie “The Road Movie” was released in rent
by the New York company Oscilloscope Laboratories and the whole
mounted from the frames taken by the DVRs of the inhabitants of Russia.
67 minutes in the frame – terrible accidents, bloody fights, auto cocks,
burning gas stations, bears and even a tank.

The fact that only negative subjects were selected for the film is not
an accident. Experts consider this picture a classic example.
propaganda “to order” and are confident that the same “shocking”
materials can be found in the United States.

�”The larger the country, the more different stressful situations, –
says expert Yevgeny Kovalev. – I think if you go into the outback
USA, you can see some bears in the same way,
running across the road, and even a tank moving across

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