Americans continue to scare – it is already unknownwho and why

This week, Orange County residents of Southern California who
so frightened by the ongoing and still upcoming natural
disasters were completely shocked when the telecast on Thursday
began to be interrupted by emergency messages about the possible end

Here, for example, as Stacy Laflamm describes it.
from the city of Lake Forest:

It happened on September 21st at the beginning of the twelfth morning, I
watched the broadcast on HGTV via Cox Communications. Suddenly
the broadcast is interrupted by a red splash “We interrupt this
program ”, which is accompanied by a male voice, informing that
The world is coming the most terrible times, and so on. I was just
Stunned, and then terribly scared!

However, it was not only the channels of the Cox system that such terrible
warnings. So, a resident of the city of Diamond Bar Erin Mireles
(Erin Mireles) watched a TV show that day on the Bravo channel of the system
Spectrum, when the program was also interrupted by the “We
interrupt this program “and some kind of radio saver, as it was called
американка, о предстоящем конце Sveta.

And although after a minute everything returned to normal, the channel
�”Bravo” continued working again, says Erin, I was very
amazed, and my anxiety grew exponentially: I had to
even turn off the TV and access the Internet looking for an answer
– what it is?

Social networks are actually filled with strange messages
Orange County Alerts – This Topic So far
stays hot. Spectrum and Cox manuals urgently
investigating what happened, but still have not figured out who did it,
how, by accident or intentionally?

In social networks, their versions are being promoted, many users are sure: this
The audio warning is somehow related to the prediction of David Meade about
global catastrophes will begin on September 23
associated with the approach to it of the mysterious planet Nibiru.

By the way, this mythical Planet X is still no one from
astronomers did not notice, not only in our solar system, but even
on the approach to it, but people continue to scare the upcoming
disaster, and in California, apparently, there were also cruel
jokers who decided to pour oil on the fire. It is not clear yet
one thing – how did they manage it from a technical point of view? ..

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