Americans have groundlessly declared the moon theirby territory

The administration of the President of the United States released recently very curious
document on the protection of artifacts left on the surface of the moon in
during the Apollo missions, according to which the remaining states
Lands, in the case of a flight to Selena, must coordinate all their
actions with the leadership of the United States.

The paper notes that the United States has full jurisdiction over
related to the equipment that is left on the moon, so others
States can harm him. And so that this is not
happened, and they should coordinate their actions with the American
by the side. And only with the consent of the United States to do anything in the territory
The moon

From a legal point of view, the United States of this strange document
практически объявили Луну своей by territory, причем объявили
completely unreasonable. First, the “Outer Space Treaty”
space “from 1967, which is referred to by the administration
Trump, though prescribed to keep safe and sound
Apollo’s lunar objects, does not give Americans the right to dictate
to other states, how and where to fly, while the Moon continues
считаться ничейной by territory, которую не имеет право захватывать
not a single country. Secondly, today only a small child is not yet
it is clear that the Americans (these great hoaxers) never flew
to the moon, and therefore, if there is some equipment on it, then this
equipment of the USSR, that is, Russia, abandoned by unmanned
lunar mission of the Soviet Union.

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