Americans in panic: North Korea threatensapply EMP attack against USA

The expert on nuclear electromagnetic pulses reports that in
if North Korea applies EMP against the United States
America, and there are any threats from Kim Jong-un, 90
percent of americans are doomed to extinction within a few

Al-Jazeera TV has practically confirmed it.
(headquarters in Doha, Qatar), which showed how it will be
happen if North Korea conducts a nuclear explosion over the United States: three hundred
millions of americans without food and fighting
almost with each other for survival – a terrible picture.

The apocalyptic scenario of such a plan has long been concerned
the leadership of the United States, since back in the sixties
For centuries, the United States, like the Soviet Union, has
EMP tests. America made a nuclear explosion over the island
Johnston in the Pacific (at an altitude of 400 kilometers), and the USSR even a number
explosions at various heights over Central and South Asia. In all
cases it was noted that after a similar nuclear explosion begins
power failures, alarm systems are triggered, crash
failure of telecommunication systems and so on.

But when was this? Today, the United States is considered the most vulnerable country.
for EMP, in the event of a serious atomic explosion over a country (or even
pretty powerful solar flare) in the country will fail
almost everything since today’s life of Americans is completely
depends on electricity and space satellites (internet,
navigation, mobile communications and much more).

This is how one of the journalists described this catastrophe.
�Al Jazeera:

Overnight, 320 million Americans will be left without light.
(electricity) and without power. No aircraft take off and already
soon no car will go. And where to go: Americans without
GPS navigators today can not do hundreds of kilometers. It is impossible
will call neither the police nor the firemen, nor even an ambulance –
everything will stop, including banks, stock exchanges, shops, pharmacies,
hospitals and so on. Modern life will just stop. In these
conditions, 70-80 percent of the population of the United States will die in
the first weeks, the rest will fight for life some more

Recall that this year the US Congress immediately resumed
Financing Commission, assessing the threat of a country from
electromagnetic pulse attacks. This was done under the Law on
national defense. A recent convention of US Utility GridEx IV
determined that the cost of protecting the United States from
EMP attacks will be calculated in hundreds of billions of dollars. And such
protection simply cannot be set up overnight.

However, Donald Trump continues to provoke the North
Korea on the implementation of a cunning plan to destroy the United States. therefore
it’s not even clear who the Americans need to be more afraid of: North Korean leader�
or your president? ..

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