Americans removed the ghost on the damnedthe bridge

An American who wishes to remain anonymous claims that he
managed to photograph a real ghost in the village of Gettysburg,
the state of Pennsylvania. According to our hero, he and his girlfriend
We went at night to a local attraction, popular,
помимо всего прочего, у охотников на привидений, — Крытому the bridge
Saxon. This 30-meter wooden bridge with walls and roof was
built in 1854. During the American Civil War he
used by both the Union Army and the Confederation Army during
the most bloody battle of this war – the Battle of

In this violent clash that broke out from July 1 to 3
1863, more than 8,000 people died, and many of them broke up
со своими жизнями именно на Крытом the bridge Saxon. It is therefore considered
that this place is cursed and inhabited by many spirits of the dead
soldier. Here, quite often they photograph something mysterious:
balloons floating in the air, glowing smoke and all that. To our
the hero and his companion were lucky to capture the whitish
a human figure standing in the darkness of the bridge a distance from them.
After taking a photo of the phantom, the Americans hurried off. That’s what
a man writes:

This is a covered bridge through which you can drive. On
The other side is the trail, the country road, the forest and the corn
field. Me and my girlfriend were there completely alone deep
at night. We passed the bridge, then came back and immediately noticed in
dark this light silhouette. Living people, besides us, there
could not be, as we carefully checked everything. Oh and
We were scared when we noticed this silhouette – the present
ghost! We saw on the Internet a lot of pictures of any anomalies,
which people take pictures of here, but did not even suspect that
Let’s face this devilry and take it off.

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