Americans scared sharks broughttornado

The powerful Atlantic cyclone “Irma” caused terrifying destruction.
on the coast of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico in the United States. but
jokers on the Internet, apparently, it seemed that it is not enough
fearfully. They launched a duck that hurricane picks up from
florida coastal waters sharks and carries ferocious predators to many
kilometers, so Americans should be wary of flying
carnivorous fish.

Obviously, humorists on the Web took this idea from the television
кинофраншизы «Акулий tornado», насчитывающей 5 низкобюджетных
movies. Duck quickly snapped up various English-language sites,
including those who pretend to be serious news resources.
Despite the absurdity of this information, many people believed in it.
the americans. Hundreds of southeastern United States residents called
police and wildlife officials, asking
what to do if a shark brings them to their backyard. Many
real journalists were even forced to make a statement
что никаких «акульих tornado» на самом деле нет, и опасаться
Citizens are worth only the most bad weather.

By the way, shortly before this, another prankster wrote in the World
the web that needs a weapon to reach the hurricane
start shooting at a tropical cyclone. Immediately appeared
�“Official deniers” who said they would not
in no case, because intense air masses
the bullets will be thrown back and the shooters can be injured
yourself. However, it has not yet been fixed
someone really fired at IRMA with rifles or pistols and
He was more wounded by the hurricane’s “rifle strike”.

As for the predators brought by the disaster, this information
not as far from the truth as one might think. True speech
It is still not about sharks. Sensational hurricane “Harvey” caused
significant flood in southeastern Texas and many of the victims
the elements were frightened by the appearance of alligators. Reptiles
swam straight to the houses of the Americans and even tried to climb
inside. Fortunately, no one from the teeth of uninvited reptiles

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