Americans will create a laser beacon to indicatealien way to Earth

Orthodox scholars still believe that if extraterrestrial
civilizations exist, somewhere far away from us, and
aliens probably do not even suspect the existence of
of humanity.

Experts continuously scan the sky, trying to catch
messages from sentient beings from other worlds, but for now
without success. Now the staff of the Massachusetts Technology
Institute decided to change their tactics and give
close attention to sending signals into space, rather than receiving them
from there.

James Clark, the author of a new ambitious project,

Earth is an isolated island in the limitless ocean of space, and
we are not yet able to get out of it. What will you do
if you cannot leave your island, however you have a huge
desire to contact the inhabitants of other islands? Right you
try to let them know your intention. We are planning to create
a kind of beacon that will indicate to representatives of extraterrestrial
civilizations on our planet, letting them understand that it is inhabited.

According to Clark and his colleagues, a laser with a power of several
megawatts passing through a huge ground-based telescope can
create an incredibly strong beam that “green men”
surely notice from afar. Directing the laser into deep space,
researchers are going to demonstrate to representatives
alien civilizations that we have achieved significant success in
technological development. At least according to our
own presentation.

Already a century after turning on the laser beacon, its beam is
It is assumed that scientists will pass a distance of 100 light
years old. The signal will be visible not only in our, but also in neighboring
galaxies. It is known that in the Milky Way alone there is
several hundred exoplanets fit for life and theoretically
able to have a reasonable life. Perhaps the inhabitants of at least one
of these celestial bodies will pay attention to this signal, track
and find out about our “blue ball”.

However, many other experts consider such a venture to be completely
worthless. According to them, if we still have not made contact
with aliens, it could mean one of three. Or “green
little people “do not exist, or are too far from us,
or they simply refuse for one reason or another
interact with the human race. And such a project will be possible
compare with scooping a teaspoon of the ocean to find

By the way, the so-called “zoo hypothesis” proposed
astronomer John Ball, states that intelligent aliens are not
intend to somehow influence the course of human development and
prefer to only watch us, like animals in
zoo. And if so, then the laser beacon can only amuse
aliens who have long been watching our funny
ideas …

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