Amsterdam doctor developed a booth for moremild euthanasia

At a recent funeral show in Amsterdam, a local
doctor, activist and designer Philip Nitschke presented to the visitors
events your concept of an unusual device called Sarco
(from the word “sarcophagus”). Nicke, a staunch supporter
euthanasia, decided to invent a so-called “suicide booth”,
which will allow everyone who wants to leave this world quickly and

The Netherlands is a pioneer in the field of voluntary legalization
human death. Back in 2002, it is fully legalized
euthanasia. Lethal injections make the terminally ill
patients, people with chronic depression, and even alcoholics,
unable to give up the addiction. In such a liberal
society, the citizen only needs to prove to the doctors what he wants
say goodbye to life, and doctors will inject a poison into his vein, allowing
unfortunate “fall asleep” forever.

The invention of Nichka, which he plans to build by the end
this year, will use even more advanced technology
sending patients who are tired of life, to the forefathers. Human
lying inside Sarco, several times they will ask if he agrees to this
irreversible procedure, then a special gas will flow into the capsule.
The patient will first feel a slight dizziness, then consciousness.
quietly leave it, after which the person will die within about
15 seconds without any discomfort – almost fall asleep.

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