An amazing natural phenomenon captured inCalifornia

Spouses from the US state of Arizona became last weekend
witnesses of a very rare natural phenomenon that occurred in
California, куда они приехали отдохнуть..

Anne and Chris McKee say they watched on July 14
an incredible natural transformation, namely the transformation of the fiery
tornado in water tornado. Astonished couple not only beheld so much
surreal picture with my eyes, but also captured her on
video to give the opportunity to admire and even enjoy it
spectacle users of the World Wide Web.

Chet McKee explains that the events she described took place in
last Saturday near the town of Blythe in California.
Ann and Chris sailed on a local Colorado boat, while
as an intense fire raged on the shore. According to american
At that time, the fire enveloped over 374 hectares of trees covered with trees and
scrub territory.

Our heroes report that at a certain point ashore
a breeze suddenly sprang up, which flared in the air, coal and
the ashes. It looked amazing in itself, but then a whirlwind
behaved even more unusual, heading for the river and turning
into a huge waterspout.

It was so frighteningly delightful and fantastic, writes
Ann McKee that unwittingly remembered the amazing story of the great
American science fiction storyteller Ray Bradbury “Wind”, when
Allen pursues one of his heroes and eventually picks up
with him the almighty wind that came after him from the Himalayas. Tornado on
The Colorado River seemed to us just as alive, scary and all-powerful. BUT
maybe it was so? ..

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