An amazing “plasma” glow appeared overAustralia

December 3 this year, residents of Kalgoorlie, which is located in
Western Australia witnessed an unusual phenomenon. AT
in the evening a strange glow appeared over the city, resembling
on some clot of plasma. It happened during a thunderstorm, therefore
Many eyewitnesses attributed the occurrence of the anomaly to bad weather.

Local resident Lee Stevens, who captured the radiance on
the video below, claims to have never seen
Nothing like this in nearly 40 years of living in this quiet and
unremarkable Australian town. The man
suggests that he witnessed the discovery in the sky of spatial
the portal, because firsthand (and not in the video) is something, according to him,
it looked exactly like a “wormhole” somewhere or from somewhere …

But the children of Lee are unanimously convinced that their city was visited
aliens from space. True, they, unlike the father, judge it.
only from the words of eyewitnesses and relying on the video taken. Official
sources have not commented on this anomalous phenomenon,
apparently not finding him a convincing explanation. And indeed
if it is even some kind of natural “miracle”, it is clearly one of the unusual
and very rare, because the people of Kalgoorlie were just shocked
them. And not only young people, but also older people, having already confirmed
a longtime winged joke – the old-timers do not remember this …

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