An American expert made a selfie witha ghost

33-year-old American researcher of supernatural phenomena
Roger Istrada claims that he managed to take a selfie with
a little drum. Ghost hunter explored recently at night
The 113-year-old Redland Hotel in Homestead, Florida, made
there as a memory “self-shooting”. Subsequently, when a man was browsing
the resulting pictures, he unexpectedly found on that very “bashka”
something unusual and frightening.

According to the American, in the image below you can
examine a ghostly face in a window that looks like a man with an elongated
haircut. Whether the mysterious guest from the other world looked through the glass
outside, or the phantom materialized right in the lobby, where he was
our hero. Roger says he often came in contact with
the spirits of the dead, but he had never before captured
coming from the next world in the photo.

The Redland Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Homestead.
It is alleged that there is at least 17 ghosts. Exactly
so many people died in these walls in 1913, when in
the hotel had a major fire. And in the 1930s in the “Redland”
brutally killed a young woman, then threw her body out of the window.
It is also rumored that the famous gangster Al Capone used
this hotel during the time of prohibition as an illegal
drinking club and places for punishment of guilty subordinates.
Thus, an impressive number of people died here, and
therefore, ghosts in the building can lead much more.
Roger Istrada has long wanted to explore this place and reveal here.
any paranormal. And he, apparently,

28-year-old David Torres, working here at night and being
Roger’s good companion also claims that the hotel is inhabited
ghosts. According to David, several times he heard in the “Redland”
strange sounds, and once he dreamed that the empty corridor
on the second floor a smoky human figure slipped through. Torres
says that the number 202 is considered especially scary and dangerous.
Even maids try to go there as little as possible – and not by
alone …

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