An amusing melody was played out … on the shelf forbathroom

A creative approach can be found to absolutely any occupation, and
overwhelmed the world wide web the 15 second recording is
excellent proof of this statement.

One of the users of English-language entertainment resource
�”9GAG” posted on the site an unusual video, received by him
несколько дней назад в собственной bathroom комнате. The man
engaged in cleaning the bathroom and decided to clean the hinged shelf
by means of a mesh designed for this.

Suddenly, our hero discovered that the twigs were metal
when cleaning the lattice made peculiar sounds, each
the twig sounded in its tonality, and this discovery was quite amused
a man Then the homeowner had an idea: try to play
on these music bars any uncomplicated melody!
A little practice, the man has achieved very interesting
results. You can hear the video below.
the resulting “musical composition” would seem to
adapted for this subject.

To the surprise of the author himself, the video quickly became “viral” and collected
millions of views on various sites. Many web users
seriously appreciated the melody, calling it “sticky”, and praised
the creative approach of a man to such a seemingly boring and
неизобретательному занятию, как чистка bathroom.

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