An ancient manuscript told about the abduction of the Chinesealiens

The Ministry of Culture of China has recently received a gift from
a private collector of over five hundred manuscripts of the Ming dynasty,
among which was a very amazing manuscript.

If all documents were mainly devoted to history, medicine and
martial arts, which is in line with the interests of the Chinese XVI
century then a unique manuscript dated presumably 1528
year, tells about the incredible adventure of one of the village
residents – a bricklayer who once observed a UFO and took it for
shooting star.

Having determined the approximate location of the fall of the “star”, the rustic
the craftsman, apparently, with the inquisitive mind of the researcher,
went in search of her in the mountains. And this is our place, only
�The “star” turned out to be an incomprehensible round house made of some kind of
brilliant metal or covered with paint unknown to the bricklayer. From
surprise and mystical fear of finding a Chinese lost even
feelings, and when I came to, I realized that I was in a strange
cold room, evenly lit with red light. And around
Mason bustled creepy three-eyed creatures in amazing
clothes and babbling something on the incomprehensible, sort of like a bird,

From ужаса китаец снова погрузился в бессозналку, а когда очнулся
from the next fainting, he realized that he was lying on the ground not far from
his village. The man could not understand how he returned
from the mountains, and fragmentary memories of three-eyed creatures made
him to assume that it was just a dream, or rather –

But the nightmare continued and in reality, because the mason, as
it turned out that he had been absent from the village for more than a year, and he had long been
considered missing. In the story of the Chinese about his adventure
no one believed, for that matter, however, he himself was not convinced that this
he did not dream.

However, the author of the manuscript, which now went to the Ministry
culture of China, was a man apparently educated, who spent
own investigation, making sure of the veracity of the words of the mason.
This was indirectly confirmed by the red scar on his chest, which
the owner did not have this incident, and no one in the village noticed him
men Moreover, this strange scar is soon the most
mysteriously disappeared from the body of a bricklayer …

All this is described in the manuscript of the Chinese chronicler. Unfortunately,
in the ancient treatise there is no more information about that amazing
event …

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