An Arab boy suddenly spoke English,never studying it

Imagine that a 3-year-old Arab boy, O’Neal Mahmoud
from the ethno-confessional group of the Druze suddenly spoke to
pure English, and with a purely British accent,
incredibly surprising at first their loved ones, and then
specialists in linguistics.

Preschooler family lives in the Golan Heights and communicates
exclusively in Arabic. Even on TV Mahmoud never
watched English speaking channels. The same goes for the radio and the books.
Where did the child learn to speak good English – real
riddle for his relatives as well as for invited experts and
of journalists. However, we note that in world history this is far from
unique case.

Until recently, an amazing boy did not speak.
in general, and then suddenly began to say out of the blue
English words. O’Neal relatives who do not know English
language, at first did not even understand what was happening. Now
preschooler learns to speak Arabic, but his knowledge of native
language is still much inferior to the skills of English. In real
the moment the child goes to kindergarten, where he has English-speaking
the teacher with whom he communicates freely. However,
O’Neil has almost no contact with peers, which is very
upsets his parents and other relatives.

In parapsychology, this phenomenon is known as xenoglossia.
There are many officially documented cases where
people suddenly started speaking in languages ​​and dialects that they
never studied. Sometimes even in dead languages ​​in which no one
no longer speaks in the modern world, and even on non-existent –
languages ​​supposedly once existing somewhere but about
which modern science can only guess.

Supporters of reincarnation believe that a person is unknown to us
reason remembers his past life this way. According to
others, the person remembers the languages ​​of the ancestors at the genetic level and they
again miraculously burst forth. So or
otherwise, this is a very interesting phenomenon, which is not yet intelligible.
explanations. Perhaps little O’Neal Mahmoud will allow scientists
shed light on the nature of this phenomenon. Or at least replenish
a lot of knowledge about this strange and rare phenomenon for people
that ultimately bring it closer …

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