An armed humanoid discovered on Mars

Ufologists and virtual archaeologists, constantly studying photos
for the authorship of NASA, made another interesting find. According to
researchers, they viewed images of the surface of the Red
planets sent by rover and found the foundations on them
buildings (the main photo) and even a representative of the Martian

Moreover, experts say that in the hands of this
alien some kind of weapon. Black anthropomorphic silhouette supposedly
peered out from behind a stone and watched the rover.

Despite the fact that the quality of the fragment that interested ufologists
images are not high enough, you can still clearly on it
see a humanoid figure holding something in his left hand.
Naturally, this may be one of the paradolic illusions, oh
which many skeptics like to say so much, but experts
Do not rush to believe in such coincidences. Also not worth it
forget that such “coincidences” there is a great many.
Specialists almost every week find objects on Mars and
creatures that there allegedly can not be. Not too much
accidents, they ask?

Meanwhile, the aforementioned skeptics continue to deny
the existence of intelligent life on the Red Planet. According to their
A fancy silhouette picture is just a play of light.
and shadows on the dunes of Mars. Say, if looking too long
pictures of a distant celestial body, then the imagination will definitely begin
draw on the alien landscape humanoids, insectoids,
�Flying saucers, sculptures, man-made artifacts and much
still. But in reality …

Indeed, what is Mars really like?
Do skeptics know this? ..

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