An artifact of hundreds of thousands of years from Indonesia – moreone unsolvable mystery

Artifacts that amaze our imagination with its antiquity and
along with the technical, space and other information,
which many dozens, hundreds of thousands, and then millions of years ago
just could not be in our view, very much.

Some of them are world famous, for example, the London hammer,
which is one hundred million years old, or the imprint of a sandal by age in
half a billion, other people know far less. However any
such artifacts turn our story from head to foot, then
have put everything in its place: that we are not the only civilization
which was on Earth and that man originated and lived on this planet
still millions of years ago. However, all this does not want to admit
orthodox science, tied to the well-being of its academicians and
money, but not on the search for truth.

To the artifacts of the second significance, that is, not very well-known,
However, from this no less interesting and valuable, two
mysterious stones that archaeologists have found in 1992 in Kapang
(Indonesia), specifically – in one of the caves of the mountain of Satan. These stones
interesting because they are engraved in the shape of our solar system.
On the stone almost captured the image transmitted by space
the ship of the USSR “Pioneer 10”, which was launched in 1972.

The engraving depicts the solar system with its planets, man
with a raised hand and a woman next to it. It is not even surprising that
stone pattern in many ways coincides with the pattern
transmitted from the Soviet satellite to this artifact, as determined
scientists, hundreds of thousands of years. Where in those days people could
know all this information and, most importantly, why did they need it?

This may well only be an alien star map or
�”Page” of the ancient library of a highly developed civilization, which
existed long before ours.

You can, of course, hoarsely argue about the authenticity of this
artifact, possible fakes, and so on, if such finds
there were, say, a dozen, and there are a lot of them, and the authenticity of the most
known already proven and reproved. And things are still there, no one
just not going to revise the history of our Earth, but even
officially recognize all these invaluable archaeological finds.
That’s how we live…

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