An Australian researcher proves thathuman DNA has been artificially altered

Australian Daniella Fenton doing genome research
man, in his new scientific work “Hybrid People” claims
that in antiquity human DNA was changed
artificially most likely through alien intervention
of reason.

That is a reasonable man, whom we call Homo sapiens,
appeared as a result of genetic engineering. Hence the gap in
human evolution, or rather, to show – a jump, when Cro-Magnon
suddenly appears as if from nowhere.

Proof of this, Daniella writes, is the merger, which
demonstrates chromosome-2, which is practically
fusion of two chromosomes and consists of 243 million bases. She is
almost all reasonable people who can be called hybrid
(Neanderthals, Denisovtsy and so on). But it is not at primates.
By the way, this confirms the latest findings of archaeologists who
They say that Neanderthals lived at the same time as Cro-Magnon men,
eat in one era. Most likely, we observe, writes
researcher, different results of the same experiment
– creating hybrid people.

Chromosome 2, Fenton continues, is not only responsible for
human reproductive and immune functions in the first place is
brain improvement tool, thanks to which hybrid people
have become the dominant form of life on the planet, have managed to build
civilization, develop culture and achieve high technology.

Most likely, the scientist writes, an extraterrestrial ship appeared on Earth
hundreds of thousands of years ago, aliens found here primitive
human-like creatures and, thanks to genetic engineering, created so
called homo sapiens. Arrived aliens, says Daniella
Fenton, from the Pleiades constellation, as indicated by many archaeological
data and legends of ancient people.

The fact is that for hybrid humans, aliens were gods,
who transferred to humanity the knowledge and foundations of culture. About it
there are legends of almost all nations of the world, say, the Sumerians,
Maya, Egyptians, who still found the time when the aliens are closely
contacted people.

At present, it must be assumed that aliens are only watching
experiment, which they conduct on Earth, especially without interfering with
our life. True, sometimes they have some effect,
for example, preventing the “accidental” or “insane” onset of atomic
wars, however in general, according to divine dogmas, which are quite
aliens could impose on humanity, they observe
non-interference, providing each person and humanity in
overall freedom of choice …

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